Lorne McIntosh's Portfolio
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This week I'm excited to be starting my new position as a Software Engineer at Absolute Software in Vancouver. I'll be on the Business Applications team, responsible for the on-going design, development and support of the company's business-critical systems.

Moving On

After more than a year of trying unsuccessfully to enter Vancouver's declining videogame industry I decided to return my career focus to business software. Thankfully this direction proved immediately more fruitful and last week I started my new position as an Application Developer at Aptean.

Time Flies

It's been a busy 5 years since my last post here (the inaccurate title of which, I now have to laugh at). Since then I've left Pivotal, launched Ubiq Visuals, started and finished grad school (M.Sc. thesis, summary video), published a computer graphics paper, and spent the last couple months exploring Fiji, New Zealand and Hawaii.

I'm back in Vancouver and on the job market now, looking for interesting opportunities in software development. Get in touch with me if you know of anything.

School's Out Forever

Having finished the last year of my degree, I've returned to work full-time at Pivotal - now with the decidedly more agreeable title of "Application Developer". I'll receive my, "BSc Information Tech, Tech BC" officially during the spring convocation ceremony on June 8th, 2007.

Back to School

After 8 months, my co-op term at Pivotal has drawn to an end. You can read a brief summary of my time there on the SFU Co-op Community site. In short though, it was a great experience, and one that I would highly recommend to other co-op students.

This semester I'm back at school, and looking forward to finishing off the last year of my degree. Five 4th-year courses should keep me pretty busy.

A Pivotal Moment?

It seems that my effort in creating this website has paid off. I've been given an 8 month co-op job at Pivotal! Starting May 2nd, I will be working in their IT department to create email and web-based marketing campaigns. Some work on the corporate website is in the job description too.

I've also uploaded a new and improved version of WebCalendar, so be sure to check that out. If there's any interest in it, I'll consider releasing the source.

"Hello World"

Well, this is the first in what should hopefully be a long line of exciting, yet informative news posts. In today's news, lorneswork.com is officially up and accepting HTTP requests! There's somewhat of a content-shortage at the moment, but I have plenty of projects just waiting to be uploaded, so watch for those in the coming weeks!